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Chips Chipalkatti

Managing Director
Dr. Makarand “Chips” Chipalkatti was till recently Senior Director, Solid State Lighting (SSL) and Emerging Market Initiatives for OSRAM in North America. His early work included research on advanced materials and organic light sources (OLEDs). Chips led the start-up of OSRAM’s LED lighting business in the Americas in 2000. Since 2005, Dr. Chips led the Strategic Innovation Management function for OSRAM Americas. Dr. Chips is recognized as one of the pioneers in LED lighting and as an industry leader and advisor with trade, and public agencies on lighting and energy policy. Recently, Dr. Chips established an executive consulting practice focusing on industry transformation, innovation and entrepreneurship with special emphasis on the commercialization of innovation in lighting and energy efficiency ecosystems. He serves globally as a consultant for product, service, and market strategy targeting technology intensive verticals mainly focusing on energy and environmental efficiency. His clients range from early seed stage companies seeking scale, to large global companies launching new businesses. He continues to play a role as mentor for early stage companies and students of entrepreneurship and innovation. Chips received a Ph.D. in Polymer Science & Eng. from Univ. of Massachusetts and a B.Tech Chem. Eng. from IIT Bombay.

Industrial Design, Product Design, Design Thinking

Dr. Chips design partners are a leading global design house for product design, and innovative approaches to practiccal solutions. Working together, the team offers critical consumer insights, regional insights around the globe, as well as future trends in technology and end-user preferences. A unique capability offered is expertise and training in “design thinking”, “service design” and user experience.

Large Scale Low Cost Manufacturing

Dr. Chips' manufacturing partner is a trusted, value-added manufacturing partner in Asia with many years manufacturing experience for leading global lighting and electronics companies and experience in low cost manufacturing without sacrificing quality. They are also experts in “design for manufacture”, have an R&D center, and provide technical and testing and supply chain services to customers.


We provide a wide range of Consulting services globally, and we have successfully assisted in our clients' missions
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Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy Heading to Philly for #LFI2019! Will be my 19th. LEDs are the the norm. We are #beyondbulbs now! What’s next? 4 weeks ago
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