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Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @BarackObama: Graduating is a big achievement no matter what, but with all that the Class of 2020 has dealt with to get across the finis… 1 week ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @BarackObama: Michelle and I want to do our part to give all you parents a break today, so we’re reading “The Word Collector” for @chipu 1 week ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @JoeBiden: We left a playbook. He ignored it. We created an office to prepare for pandemics. He gutted it. We had CDC officials in Chi… 3 weeks ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy @anandmahindra Ha,ha- what a great memory! And getting the “compass box” and the usual kit! 4 weeks ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @davidplouffe: One cent a barrel oil. Trump gets played by the Saudis and Russians. Just like China. The job losses will be massive. Tur… 5 weeks ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @JoshuaPotash: Three nurses showed up to counter-protest the Arizona “liberate” rally. They stood silently. And the “liberate” crowd d… 5 weeks ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @thehill: NEW POLL: 65 percent of Americans say Trump did not take coronavirus seriously enough initially 5 weeks ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @soledadobrien: This is insane—and a far more important story than Trump being mean to reporters. 5 weeks ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @RepJoeKennedy: The federal government just took PPE from first responders in a town in my district. They tell states and towns they’r… 6 weeks ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @marty_walsh: I am asking EVERYONE to wear a face covering whenever you leave your home. This can be a scarf, bandanna, or other type o… 7 weeks ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @tim_cook: Apple is dedicated to supporting the worldwide response to COVID-19. We’ve now sourced over 20M masks through our supply chai… 7 weeks ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @AshaRangappa_: I hope this guy goes to jail for a looooooong time 7 weeks ago