Our Unique Approach

  • The Solid State Lighting Ecosystem, is a theme I have been developing over the last decade. It takes lessons from the transformation triggered by Edison and the electric light, and applies them to the ongoing SSL transformation
  • Early predictions of digital, smart and connected lighting are now coming true. Further progress in architectural integration, portable and off-grid lighting are clearly well on the way.
  • A key theme of DrChips’ work connecting the “points of light” that dot the new and emerging SSL Ecosystem and developing new relationships. This theme has been developed over the years and led to multiple interactions between clients and collaborators.
  • DrChips’ clients therefore are able to leverage the synergistic benefits of each other, and in the case of early-stage clients this is a powerful advantage and force multiplier.
    • Case-in-point, one client was able to establish a strategic relationship and product launch in an emerging market years before it would have been otherwise feasible.
    • Other clients are exploring joint product development with each other.
    • In a couple of cases, they are now engaging with the manufacturing and design partners of DrC.
    • In the last six months, two clients have been able to raise $3MM in funding directly resulting from DrChips’s advocacy
    • Another client has gained over $1MM in orders over the  same period


We look forward to being a partner in the growth and scaling of your business

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