Dr. Chips appointed to Advisory Board for One Globe Conference

The One Globe Forum (OGF) is an annual thought leadership forum that brings together leaders from business, government, academia, non-profit and the multilateral sectors to come together to discuss, debate and deliberate on how to build a 21st century knowledge economy in India and South Asia.

India and South Asia, with 1.6 billion people, account for nearly 25% of the world’s population. This represents one of the youngest and most dynamic demographics of any region. Yet it is also where we will find the world’s highest adult illiteracy, low healthcare outcomes based on the UN’s human development index and a massive challenge of urbanization. With limited economic integration today, the region has the potential to transform itself over the coming decades to become one of the most dynamic economic regions of the world. At OGF we discuss, debate and deliberate issues at the intersection of economic development and growth through the lens of innovation, technology, education, skills, urbanization and geo-politics and security policy.

OGF’s advisory board is a passionate group of leaders from business, academia, government and non-profits who advise and guide the annual forum agenda and build a global network that is interested in ensuring the success of India and South Asia becoming a 21st century knowledge economy.

OGF was started in 2012 and in the last 5 years has brought together over 350 speakers, 1250 delegates representing over 25 countries. The content of the conference is streamed online at www.oneglobeforum.com and is published via an annual report that is distributed to key stakeholders in government, business and academia in India and abroad.