OLED applications that are appropriate to the technology and leverage their advantages over LEDs

OTI Lumionics delivers magazine covers for Frontier magazine showing lighted OLEDs in magazine cover to demonstrate lighting concepts for their client….”Now Frontier magazine has printed 2,000 issues with Aerelight for Print technology. Its cover, which is about as thick as regular cardstock, includes an embedded, flexible OLED panel that lights up when people press the […]

How will Bluetooth Mesh disrupt the $100B lighting industry?

…article by Bob Wudeck, VP Sales and Business Development, ilumi “Many of us remember the days when the vast majority of people used their phones to, um… talk. …….The transition from “dumb” devices to “smart” devices usually takes a few years……Traditionally, the $100B lighting industry thinks of bulbs as mechanisms to provide light to a […]

Design Thinking in Practice: interventions for product improvement

   ilumi incorporates customer feedback in continuous improvement process   “Design thinking” is a practice for creating user-centric products using methods the great product designers have advanced over the years. It is being increasingly adopted worldwide to create products and services which place the customer at the very center of the design process. At its […]

Does India Need a Radically Different Approach for Rapid Growth?

  Dr. Chips participated on a panel focusing on measures needed to boost electronics manufacturing. He emphasized the need for co-creation and collaboration as a means to accelerate the pace of manufacturing infrastructure growth and to establish joint ventures and technology transfer process. Crucial to the success of this initiative would be policy measures that […]

The Solid State Lighting Ecosystem is ready for launch in India!

    I was traveling through India during the very week that the Indian Space Research Organization (and my former IIT classmate) launched 104 satellites in a single launch! This is clearly unprecedented and a world record. However, the significance of this event is not the technical achievement – for an organization that successfully launched […]

ilumi solutions Unveils Reliable, Secure Bluetooth Mesh IoT Networking Technology at CES 2017

ilumi solutions, one of the fastest growing Internet of Things (IoT) networking companies today, is unveiling at CES 2017 its Bluetooth MeshTek IoT network technology integrated across a range of audio, video and lighting products for the home. The company is also showcasing its new bridge technology, which connects Bluetooth MeshTek to existing WiFi networks […]

Sanjay Manandhar, Founder CEO Aerva Inc (A digital signage leader) on Dr. Chips

http://www.aerva.com I worked with Dr Chips when he was at Osram-Sylvania–Dr Chips sees innovative technologies and novel business models long before it is evident to others. It was his initiative that Aerva trialed our cloud-based technology with some of Sylvania’s customers. In reality, Dr. Chips had worked out a whole new business unit that allowed […]

“UpCycle” lighting products for a sustainability beyond energy savings

The circular economy as it is known, is a new wave and possibly an extension of the so-called “shared economy”. This is well established in the home appliance, automotive and electronics industry. The same skill set can be brought forward to the lighting industry. The following presentation makes the case and shows a path to implementing […]