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    Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @SenWarren: The pause on student loan payments has been a big relief for student borrowers – but that pause ends in September. The Presi… 2 weeks ago
    Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy @Astro_Cady @AstroKatie Did you see me waving? 😊 3 weeks ago
    Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy @jimcramer Happy Birthday, Jim! 18 weeks ago
    Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy “for there is always light, if only we are brave enough to see it, if only we are brave enough to to be it” poet laureate, #AmandaGorman 21 weeks ago
    Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy @CathyJoeGPT @BeschlossDC Strafing practice perhaps? 21 weeks ago
    Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @BeschlossDC: Under pressure from Trump White House, Acting Secretary of Defense has ordered NSA to “immediately” install Republican par… 22 weeks ago
    Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @ERdecember: @BeschlossDC Another question: why wasn’t Trump brought to a bunker when the capital was attacked? Wouldn’t that be the pro… 22 weeks ago
    Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @BeschlossDC: So Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s ex-Chief of Staff, is resigning in protest two weeks before the end -- after working for him for… 23 weeks ago
    Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @HamillHimself: The only other person enjoying this chaos & anarchy as much as our defeated president is Vladimir Putin. 23 weeks ago
    Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @BarackObama: The balance of power in the Senate is at stake in Georgia’s runoff election. We’ve got two great candidates—@ReverendWarno… 29 weeks ago
    Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @davidaxelrod: The latest release of ballots from Allegheny County were mostly military. @JoeBiden won them by something approaching f… 1 month ago
    Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @BarackObama: You could be the difference between someone making it out to the polls or staying home. And many states could be decided b… 1 month ago