Dr. Chips Keynote Presentation at SMTA’s LED A.R.T. Symposium

Keynote Presentations:

Circular Economy in Lighting: Sustainability beyond Energy Savings
Makarand H. (Dr. Chips) Chipalkatti, Ph.D.,  Dr. Chips Consulting LLC
Tuesday, November 29, 2016 @ 8:30

This presentation focussed on looking at the totality of the LED Lighting Lifecycle. When one looks at the complete cradle to death sequence of LED streetlights for example: what happens to the LED fixtures at the end of life? Is there a creative way to recapture the embedded energy in the old fixtures, save them from the dump or recycle? Can customers be offered a new and cost effective way of using post-use fixtures, with a no compromise solution? Can we create a viable business model for regular lighting fixture upgrades so that we can stay ahead of the “Overnight Energy Savings Potential” at all times? This presentation provides a CIRCULAR ECONOMY to LED lighting taking energy savings beyond the current state of practice.

Please contact us for a copy of this presentation.

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