OLED applications that are appropriate to the technology and leverage their advantages over LEDs

OTI Lumionics delivers magazine covers for Frontier magazine showing lighted OLEDs in magazine cover to demonstrate lighting concepts for their client….”Now Frontier magazine has printed 2,000 issues with Aerelight for Print technology. Its cover, which is about as thick as regular cardstock, includes an embedded, flexible OLED panel that lights up when people press the right spot.”…..

This is an application that truly leverages the benefit of OLEDs relative to LEDs – a challenge for most OLED manufacturers attempting to get into lighting. The difference between illumination and visualization is a good theme to implement in the early days of OLED applications. Yes, I did say early. It has been early for the last 20 years, because OLED makers have focussed on replicating lighting and trying to displace the incumbent technology rather creating a new space for themselves, somewhere in the “blue ocean”. Hopefully, the OTI application is the start of a new exploration in a