Support for this post revenue and growing venture involved assisting them to add a new industry vertical to their business. Their unique technology is transformational in its essence, and was primarily focussed on the telecommunications markets – delivering digital power to buildings and installations. Dr. Chips’ work has been primarily to assist them to launch a new vertical in the lighting industry and this work is now in a rapidly growing demonstration and pilot program phase. Dr. Chips assistance was key in identifying and supporting a successful bid for non-dilutive funding, and in providing support and advice for the ongoing effort

  • Identifying lighting verticals for which the client’s value proposition is a differentiator
  • Advice and Advocacy for the non-dilutive funding opportunity which was successfully implemented and received followup funding
  • Ongoing review and visioning of product portfolio and market strategy
  • Identification and establishment of strategic cooperation opportunities

During the course of this project, the client has made deep strides in implementing their core technology in lighting market segments where their technology provides a unique differentiation. Continuing support as an “on-call” advisor and sounding board, as well as knowledge resource with respect to the lighting industry. Critical networking assistance provided has been informative in understanding key drivers and customer requirements. We also continue to identify strategic partnering and cooperation opportunities. Support for managing funding relationships and identifying new funding opportunities is an ongoing process.