Large South Asian phone, accessories, consumer electronics distribution company undergoing a transformation to a technology and manufacturing phase. LED lighting was seen as a vehicle for that transformation. Dr. Chips assisted the client in “visioning” the future of smart lighting and their role in that ecosystem within their region. Consulting work included the identification of technology partners in the US and Europe and advising on strategic technology alliance and strategic venture investment.

  • Market trends analysis and innovation scenarios to leverage core strengths of the client
  • Review and trends in the lighting, connected lighting and luminaires and controls ecosystem
  • Detailed analysis of potential global customer partners for distribution and collaborations
  • Identified and developed a strategic relationship with a US based technology innovator including a venture investment

The visionary and dynamic CEO and founder of this company had built this company from scratch into a $1.5B, publicly listed company with many consumer electronics and wireless handset business. His next challenge to go from a traditional distribution business model to a technology and manufacturing model given the rapid development and manufacturing incentives provided by the government. LED lighting was highly promoted and icentivized, but the competition from low cost imports was also fierce. Our inputs and assistance has positioned them for the emerging and differentiated smart lighting market. With the tools and technology provided by the strategic partner – set them in a strong position to leverage the smart city and infrastructure projects now on the horizon.