Our client is a low cost, high quality manufacturer based in Asia. Our long experience and relationship with this manufacturer has developed over a decade. While the manufacturer has grown significantly, the economics of Asian manufacturing can no longer rely on low cost manufacturing. It requires an ongoing evaluation of new opportunities and clients, which is the emphasis of our work for this client. Key contributions:

  • Regular “radar” of new opportunities and obsolescence or substitution risks
  • New business development support by identification and support in new customer relationship
  • Technology radar and forecasting of industry trends, so that the client has a better anticipation of new requirements
  • Synergies, with other Dr. Chips’ clients who may need a pre-qualified and reliable manufacturer

This manufacturer who started as a small, family owned enterprise has over the last decade grown into a significant resource as a Contract Manufacturer. Our work focuses on providing early warning on major opportunities and threats to their core business of electronics manufacturing. From being primarily a manufacturer of low cost bulbs, they have evolved into a smart lighting and connected products manufacturer for supply to the US and other regions. Some of Dr. Chips’ clients have been able to leverage the mutual relationship to create a collaborative innovation process which includes technical support, design for manufacturing, and performance testing. They have additionally provided logistics and purchasing support, where their large volume operation is able to leverage the economies of scale for smaller clients of Dr. Chips Consulting.

Additional projects have supported ventures in the manufacture and application of flexible LED sheets, materials and processing and sustainable manufacture of key materials.