The project for this Asian Consumer Electronics giant focussed on an assessment of R&D and internal technology assets with a view to aligning product strategy and planning with market needs for US and European markets. Some highlights:

  • Review of individual teams including R&D, Product Teams, Marketing and Sales
  • Redesign and refocus of R&D organization to encourage “market responsive” product development
  • Develop and communicate market strategy for the launch of new products in the US
  • Innovation management training and build open innovation links with emerging innovators in lighting industry

This extensive project covered many aspects – and was two pronged. It reviewed and assessed technology assets on the R&D side of the organization via an “innovation audit” to identify strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, a review of global marketing and sales review of the new lighting business was conducted, with specific emphasis on US and European markets. This work involved on site interviews and discussions with Product Development teams and their R&D counterparts at the company’s R&D location. In parallel, similar interviews were conducted at the company headquarters, with the country-wise sales and marketing teams.

The second phase of this extensive project focused on taking the results of the gap analysis and SWOT to propose changes to ongoing programs and to augment internal capacity by proposing links with curated external innovators and supply chain partners. Also, internal synergies were identified for co-selling opportunities, for example between the lighting and display businesses. Presentations were made to each product team, innovation and ideation workshops conducted, and key presentations made to the R&D community as well as sales and marketing leadership.

Finally, a comprehensive consumer lighting business plan and roadmap was developed and presented to senior leadership for a future launch of the lighting business in US and European markets. The business has since launched and continues to grow and gain scale.