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Dr. Chips Consulting LLC (DrC) is a specialist consulting firm that has a collective experience in enterprise-wide innovation management, new business creation, and all aspects of the Lighting Industry.

We focus on the commercialization of technology

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New Business Creation

Product Strategy, Marketing, Execution, Startup Advisory

Technology To Business

Implementation, Growth Hacking, Strategic Business Initiatives

Innovation Management

Business Strategy, Ideation and Organizing For Success

Trainer, Mentor, Executive Coach

Innovation, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Business Case

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Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy @isro Congratulations Chandrayaan2!! See you around (the moon)! 19 hours ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy @anandmahindra Glad it is finally moving from improvise to innovate! 6 days ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy @anandmahindra Definitely know it from Marathi! 6 days ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy @isro God speed, #Chandrayaan2! The moon awaits you. 4 weeks ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @BarackObama: In America, we don’t fear the future, we embrace it. 50 years ago, that spirit took us to the moon. Today, it’s embodied b… 4 weeks ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @tim_cook: 50 years ago today, millions of us were transfixed by the sight of men on the moon. In watching that astounding achievement t… 4 weeks ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy @daddy_smack @PuneCityTraffic @PuneCityPolice @CPPuneCity @punecitytraffic This happens 24/7 under Magarpatta Rd fl… https://t.co/tilZoI7RTQ 5 weeks ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @CIMCONLIGHTING: An Innovative Startup within Boston City Hall https://t.co/Pk3CrP75HA 8 weeks ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @USISPForum: $142 billion in #USIndia bilateral trade, but what are the untapped opportunities? USISPF's leadership summit will discuss… 9 weeks ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy https://t.co/l4K6A12hxB 10 weeks ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @Workbar: We are a network of smart workspaces, but most importantly, we are an engaged #community fostered by innovative entrepreneurs… 10 weeks ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy Congratulations to the Gutenberg Team 👏 https://t.co/bP8fNojqkv 11 weeks ago

Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring

We provide a range of services that offer game changing solutions for our Clients