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Dr. Chips Consulting LLC (DrC) is a specialist consulting firm that has a collective experience in enterprise-wide innovation management, new business creation, and all aspects of the Lighting Industry.

We focus on the commercialization of technology

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New Business Creation

Product Strategy, Marketing, Execution, Startup Advisory

Technology To Business

Implementation, Growth Hacking, Strategic Business Initiatives

Innovation Management

Business Strategy, Ideation and Organizing For Success

Trainer, Mentor, Executive Coach

Innovation, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Business Case

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Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy Really enjoyed Rebecca Klossner #Syracuse city planner’s talk at #Cimcon booth. #smartcities projects need a “whole… https://t.co/2x9GLMwg6E 24 hours ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @Leni_Light: Join! 5/22 @lightfair #NighttimeDesign-New Approaches for Cities to Thrive. A response to 24hr globalization challenges foc… 2 days ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy Heading to Philly for #LFI2019! Will be my 19th. LEDs are the the norm. We are #beyondbulbs now! What’s next? #lightfair2019 #SSLecosystem 3 days ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy Heading to Philly for #LFI2019! Will be my 19th. LEDs are the the norm. We are #beyondbulbs now! What’s next? 3 days ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @turianlabs: "I constantly see people rise in life who are not the smartest, sometimes not even the most diligent, but they’re learning… 5 days ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy It’s #Lightfair2019 time! I hope to see you in Philly next week. If you are there, reach out and say hi! 1 week ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy @ScottKirsner Hi Scott, I was evangelist/founder of OSRAM Sylvania’s LED lighting business. We had to rely on exist… https://t.co/6Mt88nsn14 2 weeks ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy Working together to be smarter and safer is a great way forward! https://t.co/5fKmjcMYmw 2 weeks ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy @PandaJay Prayers for safety of all in the affected area. Safe flying to you👍 3 weeks ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy Looking forward to engaging with RPI School of Arch grad students at their #Innovation and #Entrepreneurship works… https://t.co/ML3Lbs5QNN 10 weeks ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy DM @PandaJay congratulations Jay! All the best! 11 weeks ago
Dr. Chips @DrChips_SSLguy RT @CIMCONLIGHTING: Interested in emerging trends in #5G and #WiFi? Read our recent blog post to stay up to date. #SmartCity https://t.co 12 weeks ago

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